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Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022

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Want to exponentially grow your YouTube channel and look for the best free YouTube tools? If yes, then this is the article you must read.

In today’s world, videos have become the most important medium to communicate with your potential audience and data proves it:

  • 95% of a message gets remembered through video – compared to 10% with text.
  • 88% of people got convinced to buy a product/service by watching a brand’s video.
  • 96% of people watched a video to learn about a product or service.

After reading this article, you will have a better knowledge regarding the tools to use according to your requirements. There are plenty of YouTube tools that help you in every aspect of your channel but only a handful of tools are there that provide all the essential and modern features to boost your videos and channel on YouTube.

I have been using plenty of YouTube tools from content generation to keyword research to channel management to better help out my clients for the last 3 years. Though there are many, these 7 YouTube tools are the toppers in this industry.

List of 7 best free YouTube tools in 2022

1. VidIQ

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of VidIQ

I enjoy VidIQ since it provides another method for monitoring and tracking your YouTube viewership data.
Learn who is watching your content. Then you may make videos for that specific audience. Market to their specific demands.

You may obtain thorough reports from VidIQ to help you optimize your YouTube channel.

SEO tools are also available on the platform.

In addition, you may find influencers, manage comments, and compare your channel to others.

Use the free VidIQ Google Chrome extension. The plugin displays the top keywords and tags used by other channels.

Monitor keyword scores, views, and other search phrase analytics all in one location.

The VidIQ tool may also measure your interaction stats on both YouTube and Facebook.


  • Has an unlimited free plan.
  • The bundled training (VidIQ Academy) is excellent.
  • Chrome and Firefox browser extensions are both available.
  • It is available as a mobile application.
  • It offers an excellent affiliate program.
  • YouTube Certified


  • Keywords cannot be exported.
  • VidIQ Pricing Plans might be somewhat perplexing at first.


TrialsNo trialsNo trialsNo trialsNo trials
Ideal forNew to YouTubeGet More Analytics and Research KeywordsIncrease Views on NEW Videos*Group coaching
Pricing plan table of VidIQ

Is VidIQ worth it ?

Yes, It is worth it. VidIQ is one of the best tools for YouTube SEO. It’s advanced SEO reports are very helpful.

Is VidIQ legit and safe to use ?

Yes, VidIQ is 100% legit. It is YouTube Certified and gets integrated inside YouTube Studio.

How does VidIQ works ?

VidIQ has a plethora of tools that can improve and grow your YouTube channel. The best of them is their SEO report which tell you everything about any video on YouTube.

Is VidIQ accurate ?

Yes, it is very accurate as it uses official YouTube APIs.

Is VidIQ free ?

Yes, it has free forever plan.

Does VidIQ Boost work

If you are doing YouTube full-time and need data then definitely you should go for it.

VidIQ vs TubeBuddy which is better in 2022 ?

Both the tools are more like the same but TubeBuddy’s interface feels old and complex whereas VidIQ has a modern and easy-to-use user interface. VidIQ’s SEO report is more detailed than that of TubeBuddy.

2. Tubester

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of Tubester

Tubester is one of the best free YouTube tools to manage your channels in 2022.

This tool will help you easily manage your YouTube channel, schedule and update videos, collaborate with your team, do keyword research, video or channel rank tracking, auto reply to comments and manage your subscribers.

You can also add comments, likes, and other social features to your videos.

It further provides data and analytics related to audience retention, views, annotation impressions, etc.

It aims to make managing YouTube easier. It allows you to access exclusive features like “Tube Stats” and “Tube Alerts” that give you real-time insights about your subscribers.

In addition, it allows you to see the number of views, comments, likes, and shares for each video. You can also use “Tube Stats” to view statistics by country or language.

This tool is well designed, easy to use, and convenient to use. If you want to manage your YouTube channel easily, Tubester is a must-have application for you.


  • Save Time and Effort: Tubester is faster than the regular YouTube interface to upload, schedule, rank your videos and more.
  • Collaboration Tool: With this tool you can collaborate with your team members easily without sharing login details.
  • ” Tube Stats”: It gives you real-time insights about what’s happening on your channel.
  • YouTube Certified.
  • It has a mobile app on available on Google play store.


  • Requires Internet Connection: It requires an internet connection to function. You will not be able to access the software if you are offline.
  • Not Completely Free Tool: There are some features that Tubester offers but requires a monthly fee for access like “Tube Stats” and “Tube Alerts”.


TrialTrial available (14 days)No trial
Ideal forNew to YouTubeAll types of users who want to grow their channels.
Pricing plans table of Tubester

What is Tubester?

Tubester is a YouTube management tool that focuses on increasing the engagement rate of a channel with its advanced features like ‘Tube Stats’ and ‘Tube Auto’. Tube Auto helps YouTubers to automate keyword-based comment replies.

Is Tubester free?

Yes, it has a 14-day free trial i.e. no credit card is required.

Is Tubester legit?

Yes, Tubester is a YouTube Certified partner and uses the official YouTube APIs.

How to use Tubester?

1. Sign up on Tubester. 2. Import your channel/channels. 3. You can start using Tubester now.

3. Tubics.com

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of tubics.com

Tubics.com is a YouTube SEO tool for businesses that analyses and recommends ways to increase YouTube video traffic and views.

The cloud-based application provides channel analysis, tag development, keyword tracking, SEO advice, video performance statistics, and more.

Tubics.com provides YouTube SEO capabilities to assist companies in increasing video views and ranking higher in search engines.

Users may monitor their video’s rating for certain keywords and see how it improves or degrades, and the tubics.com system provides keyword ideas based on data given by search engines such as Google, YouTube, Bing, and Google AdWords.


  • The dashboard displays current information – Tags.
  • You will be able to increase traffic to your channel with Tubics.com SEO tool.
  • You will be able to undertake competitive analysis more efficiently with our SEO management software.
  • It features a fantastic keyword tracking system.
  • YouTube Certified.


  • The software does not directly control links and cannot be connected with Google Analytics.
  • Tubics.com also does not measure mobile searches and does not account for SEO positioning benefits.
  • The trial time was too short, so I had to pay to upgrade. This was quite distressing.


TrialTrial availableTrial availableNo trialsNo trials
Ideal forSmall companies starting on YouTubeFor medium-sized
companies with one
YouTube channel
For growing companies
with a strong focus on YouTube
For enterprises with
several YouTube channels
in different markets
Pricing plan table of tubics.com

Is tubics.com legit?

Yes, It is YouTube Certified.

Is tubics.com free?

4. Social Blade

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of Social Blade

Another excellent choice is Social Blade. It appeals to me since it records various data on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter. Keep track of your data or research your competition.

It can help you improve your social media marketing approach.

You can compare up to three channels at the same time. This will give you a good idea of how you compare to competitor channels.

Social Blade also offers a function that assesses whether YouTube producers are affiliated with management firms or multi-channel networks.

Use this data to figure out how other individuals are monetizing their accounts.

This application provides tutorials for both new and experienced YouTube producers. You may also use their advisory services to assist your channel’s growth.


  • Daily monitoring, a big number of creators, and forecasts.
  • They provide a rather thorough array of data.
  • It is simple to search for and locate the information required.
  • Future predictions and user videos will aid viewers and marketers in assessing the channel’s reach.


  • It is not YouTube Certified.
  • The monthly average statistics are displayed wrongly.
  • Social blade statistics may not be accurate for YouTube channels who hide their subscriber count.
  • It only provides a rough estimate of monthly profits, making it impossible to specify particular amounts earned.
  • The app is AWFUL.
  • It has to be too many display advertising on the site; I’ve observed that these ads can be distracting because they flicker and flash unexpectedly.
  • Not YouTube Certified.


Cost$3.99 /month$9.99/month$39.99/month$99.99/month
TrialsNo trialsNo trialsNo trialsNo trials
Ideal forZero AdsPremium ChartsBusinessesReports & Enterprise
Pricing plan table of Social Blade

Is social blade reliable?

Yes, the social blade is reliable but you should not take the earning data seriously as it may not be accurate.

How does social blade work?

You just search for channels and videos based on keywords and topics and Social Blade will provide you with all data.

How do I find my Social Blade?

You can find your YouTube data by searching your channel name or URL.

What is Social Blade used for?

It is used for YouTube research and for companies to find the most suitable YouTuber for their sponsorship.

5. YouTube Studio

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio is the official YouTube app for creators.
It’s a must-have tool for managing your channel from mobile devices on the road, which is essential for anyone who is serious about their channel.

You shouldn’t have to go looking for a computer every time you want to do something on your page, especially if it’s time critical.

YouTube Studio allows you to track the success of your channel in real time using statistics. You may react to and filter comments.

Push notifications with critical event alerts will be delivered directly to your mobile devices.

Directly from the app, you can manage your monetization settings, thumbnails, scheduling, and other features. You may use this tool to update your channel from anywhere.


  • Versatile.
  • Has some strong features.


  • Once cropped or blurred, video processing is excruciatingly slow.
  • Poor management of comments.


CostTotally free from YouTube
TrialsNo Trials. Its Free
Ideal forAll type of users
Pricing plan of YouTube Studio

What is YouTube Studio?

YouTube Studio is a free YouTube analytics and channel management software and app from YouTube. It helps creators to watch for additional data related to their channels or videos.

What is YouTube Studio used for?

YouTube Studio is used by YouTubers to analyze their channels and videos data.

Is YouTube Studio free?

Yes, YouTube Studio is completely free.

What is YouTube Creator Studio?

YouTube Creator Studio is referred to as YouTube Studio, YouTube’s own free analytics tool.

6. Canva

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of Canva

As they say “It’s for anyone with ideas to share”, Canva is an online platform that enables designing anything simply for everyone and any team.

With thousands of professionally designed templates to get you started, you can quickly create, tweak, and share your creations.

It’s never been easier to fulfil your creative goals, from stickers to professional brochures, gorgeous movies to workplace presentations. It is not only the best free YouTube tools but it is the best tool when comes to graphic designing.


  • It’s always getting better.
  • Simple to use.
  • The design possibilities across various platforms are incredible.
  • The power to change or personalize any part or object.


  • When you download the content, you cannot alter it.
  • Creating folders for saving. There must be a method to create shortcuts.
  • I sometimes prefer to work on my phone, however the mobile version is severely constrained in comparison to the desktop version.


CostC$0 /month (1-5 people)
Depends on team size
C$16.99/month (1-5 people)
Depends on team size
C$40.00/month (1-5 people)
Depends on team size
TrialsNo trials
Its Free
No trialsNo trials
Ideal forEverything you need to start designingProfessional designEmpower your team, manage your brand
Pricing plan table of Canva

What is Canva and how does it work?

Canva is an online free designing platform used by designers to create graphics in seconds. To get started with Canva, just sign up for free and start designing. It has a free forever plan.

What is Canva used for?

Canva is a designing tool and is used to create amazing designs and graphics in seconds.

How to use Canva app?

canva tool for youtubers

1. Go to the Canva website or install the Canva app on any device. 2. Sign up with an account. 3. Choose a template or start with a blank canvas.

7. HootSuite

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of HootSuite

Some of you may be aware with Hootsuite, which provides a plethora of tools to assist you in managing your social media marketing plan.

It even made my list of greatest time-saving social media marketing tools.

It includes a function for controlling your YouTube channel. Schedule YouTube video uploads to your other social networks directly from the platform.

Hootsuite also makes it simple to collaborate with your team on YouTube content improvement.

Delegate duties to your staff. You will not be required to disclose anyone your YouTube passwords or account details. On the Hootsuite platform, you may have several logins.

Hootsuite, like some of the other apps on my list, will measure your engagement data.

It creates reports that assist you in determining what needs to be improved and what should be continued.

Its mobile app lets you access all of these functions from your smartphone or tablet. It’s yet another option to manage your YouTube channel when you’re on the road.


  • It has a number of tracking features, some of which are real-time, making it ideal for accounts that require quick responses.
  • A simple and useful tool for scheduling social media for a business.
  • It has a simple interface that allows you to quickly switch between social network profiles, campaigns, and consumers.


  • Hootsuite may quickly scale and make you feel the need for products that you cannot afford.
  • When sharing web pages, Hootsuite has an issue moving photos off of websites.
  • Inadequate Customer Service.


TrialsFree 30-day trialFree 30-day trialNo trials.
Request Demo
No trials.
Request Demo
Ideal forIndividual professionalsTeamBusinessesLarge enterprise
Pricing plan table of HootSuite

What is HootSuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management application that covers nearly every part of the function of a social media manager.
Users may do everything from curating great material and scheduling articles to managing team members and monitoring ROI with just one platform.

How to use HootSuite?

hootsuite tool dashboard for social media

1. Set up a personal account or sign up for a 30-days trial. 2. Add your networks. 3. Start creating posts and schedule them.

Is HootSuite free?

Yes, though it says that you can sign up for a 30-days trial on its pricing page but it has a secret free account page.

8. Lumen5 (Bonus Tool)

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
Thumbnail of Lumen5

Lumen5 is a cloud-based video-creation service that helps organizations manage the procedures involved in generating and editing video content.

Lumen5 uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to translate social media posts, photos, and text into engaging marketing videos.

Natural language processing, a built-in media library, role-based permissions, automated workflows, adjustable storyboards, and other features are available.

Users may alter text and add custom music or photos using the drag-and-drop capabilities.

Lumen5 enables teams to make high-definition films in a variety of resolutions and post them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Using blogs, offline papers, or RSS feeds, administrators may make multilingual videos using the text-to-video module.


  • They have a lot of options to select from when creating the design, which is pretty cool.
  • Lumen5 has the finest text-to-video conversion tool.
  • It may be used to turn blogs into movies and does not require much editing most of the time.
  • A massive selection of stock photographs and films to utilize in your videos is available.
  • Music collections are quite comprehensive.


  • Rendering videos might take a long time at times.
  • There are just a few video templates available in the free plan.
  • If you change the template, you will lose all of your text formatting.


TrialsNo trials. Its free foreverNo trialsNo trialsNo trials
Ideal forFor casual video enthusiastsFor the individual content creatorFor the professional video storytellerFor marketing & communication teams
Pricing plan table of Lumen5

What is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a cloud-based video-creation service that helps organizations manage the procedures involved in generating and editing video content. It can generate videos through text or blog URL.

Is Lumen5 free?

Wrapping Up

So, there you are we have come to the end of our list of the top 7 best free YouTube tools that you can try and and grow your YouTube channels. Most of these YouTube tools provide free plans but have restriction on there tools.

Sometimes you have to pay to get your work done.

The true potential of these tools can be utilized by using them simultaneously. Though all the YouTube tools have more or like the same features but they have some features that differentiate them from the rest.

According to me, you should use these three to four of the best free YouTube tools:

Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq
The only tools needed for YouTube success
  • VidIQ – As ideas and keyword research is the starting point of YouTube video creation. So, VidIQ is the best in this as it provides daily ideas related to your category and has an excellent SEO analysis tool.
  • Tubics.com – Now you need to create content for your video idea. Tubics.com helps you to create topics to be covered in the video based on the title and then it generates a highly professional script that you can use and shoot your video.
  • Canva – After making the video ready to be published, you would need Thumbnail, End Screen graphic. Canva provides all these and much more in a simple form called templates. You can use these ready-made templates in a second.
  • Tubester – Now your video is ready to be published but just publishing your video is not the end. YouTube is mostly concerned with retention rate and engagement. Your channel needs to remain active and react every time. Tubester is a YouTube management tool, that provides features like an auto keyword-based reply to comments, running comment campaign on videos in your category, advanced analytics, and a search engine that can not be defined in words, you should try their free 14 days trial. It is the most powerful of all the features in all the best free YouTube tools.

That’s it, readers thank you for reading this article, and hope that it has helped you in finding the answer to your query for the “Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022”.

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Top 7 best free YouTube tools to grow your channel in 2022 | Rudiq

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