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Why Content Marketing Is the New SEO In 3 Ways?

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3 Reasons Why Creating Effective Content Marketing Is Worth Your Time
3 Reasons Why Creating Effective Content Marketing Is Worth Your Time

In this article you will get to the reasons why creating effective quality content marketing is more beneficial than running Google Ads in digital marketing. But before we start here is a brief introduction to “What is Content Marketing?”

According to the Content Marketing Institute, “content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Content marketing is relevant and useful storytelling that piques the interest of your target audience and assists them in resolving problems. In digital marketing, quality content is more beneficial than running google ads.

Good quality content can help you in better search engine optimization. Search engine loves great content that provides immense value to their readers.

As new technology comes into the world, digital marketing also has to evolve. It’s easy to see why savvy consumers use services like AdBlock to streamline their browsing experience in the face of information overload. Unfortunately for your brand’s carefully calibrated marketing campaign, 2020 marks the beginning of an annual trend that will drain 35 billion global advertising dollars.

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Beyond Blogging: How Quality Content Marketing Strategy Will Look in the 2020s

Blogging is an important component of quality content marketing strategy, but it is no longer the only game in town. Instead, it’s all about being versatile and reaching audiences across multiple platforms. If your company only uses one channel, you may be missing out on a large potential audience.

Consider including other types of great content marketing strategy outreach, such as:

  • eBooks
  • Podcasts
  • Webinars
  • Ted Talks
  • Blog post
  • Social Media Marketing/ Influencer Marketing
  • Email Campaigns/Email Marketing
  • Influencers Updates
  • Online Courses
  • Video content
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Interactive Content

According to an Entrepreneur 2020 analysis, this decade’s SEO content marketing statistics will also include the following essentials:

  • Live-streaming.
  • Good content that is voice search-optimized.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.
  • One-to-one conversions with customers through tools like Facebook, and Messenger.
  • Personalized SEO content that adapts to your audience based on collected data, such as locations, online behavior, or demographics.

As you can see, the possibilities for great content marketing are nearly limitless and can get you high website traffic with less spending for a particular keyword.

What unites all successful channels is a commitment to involving audiences in the brand’s story and, as a result, laying the groundwork for a trust-based community. But these all should follow a good content strategy.

From industry leaders like John Deere and Red Bull to the smallest indie brands, 90% of all modern businesses use content marketing in some capacity.

Are you curious about how it all works? Let’s take a closer look at what content marketing can do for you now that we’ve defined what it is and what forms it takes.

The Influence of Outstanding Content Strategy

Your Great Content Can Be Anything But Not Superficial

Whether your brand is large or small, readers have come to expect in-depth, well-sourced good content that is unabashedly authentic. In the age of deep fakes and heavy Instagram filters, your audience wants something more genuine. Something worth their precious time. Longer content has a higher perceived value than shorter content because it delves deeper, provides more information, and cites more research.

The Content Strategy Should Be Personalized

Everyone uses the internet in their unique way. Many users have come to expect algorithms to accurately track their interests and direct them to the information they seek.

Individuals are catered to by content marketing in the same way.

Take, for example, YouTube. Rather than offering calls to action or relying on the popularity of well-known actors to drive sales, YouTube’s algorithm analyses a tapestry of data and recommends ultra-individualized SEO content.

The Google-owned video giant learned from more than 2 billion logged-in users each month that it is three times more important for viewers to engage with content related to their passions than content featuring Hollywood’s who’s who.

Search engines are always developing and are getting better at ranking content based on different factors.

3 Reasons Why Creating Content Marketing Important

Content Marketing Assists You In Connecting With Your Changing Consumer Base

The way your prospects interact with information and make decisions is rapidly changing as a result of technological advancements. Quality content can increase your rank through better search engine optimisation.

According to Statista’s 2020 study, more than 7 billion people worldwide will own a smartphone by 2023. Take a moment to absorb that. That is nearly the entire current global population. Your content has the potential to reach a truly global audience now more than ever before.

What is the challenge? Let’s start with a population that’s a little easier to understand: adults in the United States. American adults spend more than 11 hours per day, on average, watching multiple content channels. Yes, you read that correctly.

More than ever before, your brand has the opportunity to maintain a consistent dialogue with its consumer base.

Content Marketing Generates Conversions

For a moment, nerd out with me. Did you know that content marketing is responsible for six times the number of conversions for content marketers as it is for marketers who use other strategies? ( This equates to 2.9% for content marketing and 0.5% for traditional marketing .)

When it comes to the B2B market, content marketing accounts for 0.8% to 1.1% of all B2B conversions. What makes this possible?

Consider your customer base. Whether B2B or B2C, your prospects want valuable content that stands out from the crowd.

Do you want to get their attention? You must identify your content differentiation factor. This is your brand’s innovative new take on previously seen content.

Find your CDF, and you’ll be well on your way to a significant increase in conversions.

Content Marketing Saves Money

Every company, regardless of size, is looking for ways to cut costs. Content marketing is a money-saving powerhouse: it costs 62% less and generates three times the number of leads as traditional marketing. The field of content marketing has grown exponentially over the last decade.

According to Google Trends, over the last 16 years, global interest in content marketing has skyrocketed to nearly 100% or peak popularity.

Content marketing will not only reduce your marketing budget but will also result in more sales from higher-quality leads over time. How?

Opt-in advertising (also known as subscription-based advertising) allows you to save money on lead generation while also building a network of prepurchase followers who, over time, will think of your brand first when the time comes to make a decision.

How Much Content Do I Need?

To begin, consider how much content creation you’ll need to meet your overall content marketing objectives. According to statistics, the more content you consistently create with a good marketing strategy and SEO strategy for your business, the better your results will be. By 2020, more than half of bloggers were publishing one blog per week to several per month. The more bloggers wrote, either in terms of blog length or frequency of posting, the more likely they were to achieve high google search engine rankings.

Your SEO strategy should consist of good keyword research, fresh content, and relevant content for your topic. Content marketing work with the basic idea that your content needs to be specific, unique, and engaging with good marketing strategy and technical SEO.


On average, content marketing is responsible for 6 times as many conversions for content marketers than for marketers that stick to other strategies. That’s 2.9% of content marketing, versus 0.5% for traditional marketing. Content marketer’s content marketing accounts for 0.8% to 1.1% of all B2B conversions.

High quality content with a good SEO strategy, keyword research, and honest content marketing effort can increase your brand awareness and reach more potential customers. You can also do local SEO for search engines if you want to target a specific potential customer base.


Will content marketing become the new SEO?

It is already the most important part when it comes to the field of digital marketing. Your content strategy plays a very important part in SEO to increase your rank.

How can content marketing improve your SEO?

Well it helps you to cater to your potential target customer base and provides you with the option to target more keywords as it is essential for SEO.

How is SEO related to content marketing?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimisation whereas content marketing refers to the well prepared content that you serve your audience. Without a clear SEO strategy, your content might not be effective.

What’s the difference between content marketing and SEO?

Content marketing can be any type of content, eBooks, video content, etc. and it depends on your business needs. SEO deals with search engines and how your content should be optimized for better rank on search engines.

Why Content Marketing Is the New SEO In 3 Ways? | Rudiq

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