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How to rank your business for 100 keywords for free in 2022

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How to start Ranking Your Business for 100 keywords? This is a question that many people want to know but the truth is it’s very hard to do. In fact, it’s not something that you can do overnight, but rather something that you need to work hard at. If you do want to know more about The Ultimate Guide to Ranking Your Business in Google for 100+ of keywords, then this blog is for you.

How to gain high rank on 100+ keywords on Google

How to start Ranking Your Business for 100 keywords

1. Create Detailed Pages

Creating a detailed page is important for any website. This is because a detailed page gives visitors a clear understanding of what the website is about, and what they can expect to find there. When creating a detailed page, it is important to include all relevant information, such as the website’s name, address, contact information, and a description of the products or services offered. Additionally, a detailed page should also include a call to action, such as “Click here to learn more” or “Sign up now.” By including all of this information, you can ensure that visitors will have a positive experience on your website. To start ranking your business for 100 keywords, your website should contain these keywords.

2. Internal links

Once you’ve created and published your pages on your website you need to help them rank one of the easiest  and most effective ways of doing this is to use internal links if you’re new to SEO and I am not sure what    an internal link is here is a brief explanation An internal link is her is a brief explanation An internal link is any link from one page on your website to another page on your website to another page on your website. It can be a link from your main navigation bar. Your website footer  but also within the content of your pages these are known as contextual links.

This link help your visitors find related content on your site but will also be used by google to find and index your pages the more internal links you have pointing to a given page the more important that page becomes in the eyes of search engines and more value it is given to it you can even match your internal link anchor text with the exact keyword you are targeting to provide google with more context and help the page you link to rank higher for the service you provide. Google even recommends you do this in  its search engine optimizations stater guide. So if you’re not using internal links  yet on your website  make sure you do include them every where you think might be relevant. It will help enormously.

3. External links

While internal links play an important part in how well your website ranks external links will also add value to your pages and contribute a great deal to increasing your online visibility. External links as opposed to internal links are links pointing to pages on your website from other websites. 

In most cases ninety percent of external links your website will get will point to your home page because website owners tend to  link to other websites using their generic web address instead of a particular page. While this will help you rank for the keyword you are targeting via your home page it’s important you work on getting external links pointing to your service pages too if you want to rank for those services as well. Unfortunately, external links can be tricky to get. The best way of getting other website owners to link to pages other than your homepages is to create content pages that are interesting enough to encourage other website owners to naturally link to them.

4. Leverage your homepage authority

Your homepage is the most valuable pages of your entire website for two reasons

  1.   More often than not it is the most visited page
  2. It’s also the most powerful page of your website as a large number of internal and external links will be pointing to it. This gives it a ton of value also knows as authority. This value and authority that google attributes to your homepage based on the links pointing to it can be shared to other pages across your site by linking out to them.            
Make the most of your google business profile categories

One of the most common oversight I come across when I audit small businesses google profiles is missing business categories when you  initially set up your profile you all had to choose a category to describe your business. This helps you be found by customers who search for the products or services that you offer in google. This is also know as your primary category while you r primary category is extremely influential in ranking your business on google a lot of you are unaware they can also add secondary categories to their profile. When you create detailed page for all your services on your website you might find that matching  categories exists for them on google which you can add to your google business profile. While secondary categories are not as powerful as primary categories. They do play an important in ranking your google listing in map results especially if there is matching content on your website.

Google reviews to your advantage

There’s no doubt that Google is one of the most powerful search engines on the internet. And, when it comes to local search, Google reviews can be a major factor in helping your business stand out.

Google reviews can help your business in a few different ways. First, they can improve your visibility in search results. Google takes into account the number and quality of reviews when ranking businesses, so having more reviews can help you rank higher.

Second, Google reviews can help build trust with potential customers. When someone sees that your business has positive reviews, they’re more likely to trust your business and be more likely to become a customer.

Finally, Google reviews can give you valuable feedback about your business. You can use the feedback to improve your products or services, and make your business even more successful.

So, if you’re not already taking advantage of Google reviews, now is the time to start. Encourage your customers to leave reviews, and use the reviews to improve your business.

Is It working?

So you’ve created dedicated pages for your services rolled out some internal links managed to get some external  links pointing to your pages as well and leveraged the power of your home page your google business categories match the content and services and customers have started including relevant keywords in their review.

So now what ?

Well if you’ve done everything correctly your phone should be ringing a lot more than it used to if it doesn’t you ‘ve probably missed something so I suggest you go through this list again remember SEO is not an exact science and you’ll  all be moving at different paces your page ranking may be moving I the right direction but not as fast as you want.

It’s been a pleasure to share this post with you today. We hope you can use the strategies and tips we discussed The Ultimate Guide to Ranking Your Business on Google for hundreds of keywords. If you have any questions about your digital marketing strategy, please contact us anytime at. Thank you for reading, we are always excited when one of our posts is able to provide useful information on a topic like this!

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