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Money Mint is a personal budgeting tool aimed at making you get on top of your incomes and expenses.

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Income Tracker

Never spend more than your income. Track, understand and manage your earnings.

Expense Tracker

Manage your expenses and improve it by eliminating unnecessary spending.

Budget Maker

Spend money within your budget. Set multiple budgets according to your targets.

Accounts Tracker

Manage and track your multiple accounts from Money Mint. Set limits for each of your accounts.

Summary with Graphs

Graphs are more easy to understand than numbers. So, Money Mint focuses more on visuals.


Understand about your income, expense, budget, targets, accounts, etc. in a glance from the dashboard.

Customize Your Budget

Customize your budget at anytime according to your goals for the future.

Export Report

Export your reports in CSV or PDF formats to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Why Excel Sucks

  1. 1 Time Consuming - Creating a excel report is highly time-consuming if you do not how to use excel.
  2. 2 Complexity - Excel feels like coding as its reports consists of logics and conditions that are to much work for creating budgeting reports.
  3. 3 Professionals - Excel is not for novice. It requires experience and regular learnings to keep up with the ever changing features and complexity.
Set your budget

Level Up Your Budgeting Skills

Set Goals, Create Budgets, Manage accounts, Record Incomes and Expenses within seconds with a few clicks.

Set Goals

Spend and save with a goal

Craft your budgets aligned to your future goals so that you don't your control over your own money. Save with a goal in mind.

Reports at a glance

View your finances from the dashboard

Know about your finances from anywhere, anytime on the overview dashboard in Money Mint. Take actions based on the analytics.

Multiple Accounts

Manage Your Accounts Like A Banker

Manage Multiple Accounts within seconds. Add records, set limits, and align them to your goals.

I created Money Mint to simplify Personal Finance, as excel sheets frustrated me and there is many apps but as desktop man, there is not many online budgeting tools! So, I made one.

Sk Rabiul - Creator, Money Mint & Rudiq

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pricing plans for Money Mint?

$0, Money Mint is completely free to use. Get all the features at $0

How do I create a budget?

Its hard, just kidding. After creating an account,
Go to 'Budget' tab on topbar --> Click on 'Adjust'--> Set your goal and click 'distribute'--> Distribute you budget and click 'Save Changes'

How many accounts can I create?

As many as you want. Money Mint is more useful when you have multiple accounts as it helps you see that all your accounts follow your set goals

What if I need help with my Money Mint Account?

I am unemployed, You can contact me anytime with your issue or for some coffee at

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