Top Wrike Alternative WorkStation: How WorkStation Is The Best Wrike Alternatives?

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Wrike Alternative WorkStation

In this article, we will look in detail at why WokStation is the best “Wrike alternative”. If you are considering why software to use for your project management or work in general between WorkStation and Wrike then this article will answer all your queries about choosing the best work management tool or at least the best Wrike alternative.

What Is Wrike And WorkStation?

Wrike is a resource management application that includes specialized tools for irregular workforce planning (weekend shifts, contractors) as well as project/task/ticket request templates.

WorkStation is a simple easy-to-use work management tool for startups, agencies, entrepreneurs, and remote teams. Its inbuilt CRM, HRM, Accounting, Invoicing and billing, and Project Management features make it a virtual office for businesses.

Summary Of Wrike and Workstation

Wrike and WorkStation both offer a freemium plan as well as a user-friendly workflow automation engine. Both SaaS platforms approach project management basics similarly, such as task creation, dependencies, commenting and attachments, notification systems, milestones, and calendar and timeline views. Wrike and WorkStation can display information as task lists, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and calendars, with a simple point-and-click to switch between board views. Both have user-configurable dashboards with drag-and-drop widgets for tracking project metrics.

What Are The Features Of Wrike?

Schedule Tracking

Wrike provides advanced employee schedule tracking features for a fluctuating workforce (weekend or evening contractors).

Request management

Wrike has an advanced request management form system that allows you to control the information you receive when a new ticket or task is submitted.

Business intelligence

Wrike offers comprehensive business intelligence solutions, but they are more expensive through their marketing/professional service performance packages.

Discussions in tasks

Wrike lets users to conduct discussions in tasks created by each other

Work Schedules

Comes with both account-wide and individual scheduling features

What Are The Wrike Pricing?

Wrike’s basic pricing model; additional marketing and service delivery packages are available.

Top Wrike Alternative WorkStation: How WorkStation Is The Best Wrike Alternatives? | Rudiq

What Are The Features Of WorkStation?


The WorkStation comes with an inbuilt CRM for its users so that you don’t extra for other integrations. The WorkStation CRM provides drag-and-drop features for better client management, invoicing and billings, deals, proposals, contract types, form builder, and more.

Human Resource Management(HRM)

WorkStation HRM is a powerful tool for any company as it provides the users with full control of their employees from Hiring To Retirement, from promotions to salary slips. It is also easy to use and feels smooth with working on it.

Simple Yet Powerful Accounting

WorkStation comes with a simple accounting feature to keep all your incomes, expenses, revenues, and profits in one place. When it is used in collaboration with HRM and Project Management Tool, it makes your business a formidable solution.

Project & Task Management

WorkStation comes with a simple project and task management features for your business. Your employees can collaborate seamlessly inside the WorkStation without any difficulty.

Roles & Permissions

WorkStation gives you the option to configure roles and permissions for your clients, employees, and vendor. This improves security and productivity as the employee only sees the features he need to complete his goals.


WorkStation has most of the features you ever need to run a remote company but if your apps like Zoom, Slack, Telegram, Stripe, PayPal, or Twilio, WorkStation provides this integration.

What Are The WorkStation Pricing?

WorkStation is currently offering a free plan till 31st December 2022

Top Wrike Alternative WorkStation: How WorkStation Is The Best Wrike Alternatives? | Rudiq

Why WorkStation Is A Better Wrike Alternative?(In Details)

Offers free planFree PlanOffers free plan
Slack, Zoom, Telegram, Twilio, Stripe, PayPalPopular IntegrationsSalesforce, Jira, GitHub, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Tableau
UnlimitedStorage Capability2 GB per account with the free plan, up to 10GB per user with the enterprise plan
Entire team and external users can view all items, as invitedSharingEntire team and external users can view all items, as invited
Yes, easy-to-useProject ManagementYes but Sophisticated
YesSupport SystemNo
YesClient PortalNo
YesRoles and PermissionsYes


What’s the difference between WorkStation and Wrike?

Wrike is more on the Project Management side whereas WorkStation is a bundle of all the essential features needed for a business to grow efficiently.

What is the best wrike alternatives

There are many wrike alternatives but when you consider a tool that can handle your whole remote business then there is nothing like WorkStation

Top Wrike Alternative WorkStation: How WorkStation Is The Best Wrike Alternatives? | Rudiq

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